A downloadable game for Windows

Made for a game jam.

Play with a gamepad! (Xbox one preferable since we don't know if others even work (menus have to be navigated with a mouse))
Left joystick and directional pad to move.
Right and left bumper to attack
X, Y, B, A to jump

alt+f4 to quit

You can only use one button from each category(moving, attacking, jumping) at time and they change periodically, indicated by timers in the top left corner. Using a wrong button locks it for a short while, so pay attention!

Normal mode uses only B and A to jump. 
Hard mode uses all face buttons, has faster timers and more enemies.
Easy mode uses keyboard controls, but won't support the button changing gimmick.
A, D to move
E to attack
Space to jump

Enemies can be killed by attacking or jumping on them;
Skull - fast and bitey, touching them is no go!
Flaming skull - shoots fireballs, deflect them by attacking.
White knight - slashes at you, takes two attacks.
Red Knight - Can't be jumped on.

Joel Polso - Programming, bulk of the work.
Ari Lehtiniemi - 3D assets.
Timo Pyrrö - Design, music and sound.

Install instructions

Download, unzip, click on .exe


Pressed For Time.zip 25 MB

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